Our school has been connected to eduroam global network since 2018. Another step to higher quality of educational backup and our college prestige has been therefore made.

Hence, it has become one of several other mostly educational and scientific institutions which in the scope of their coverage provide this free of charge connection.

Nevertheless borders of eduroam network are still moving. You can even find it on selected railway stations in Czech Republic.


One user account. Anywhere.

The basic idea of this service (whenever available) is to provide free of charge WiFi connection for its registered users by means of only one global user account.

  • + One user account valid everywhere
  • + Account is maintained by home organization (registrar)
  • + Still growing worldwide coverage
  • + Strong emphasis on security
  • + Free of charge for registered users

The other main goal is easy usage. Abonents with active account credentials stored in their devices should be connected automatically.

It is similar to roaming across mobile operators zones. That is also where the acronym came from: education roaming.


For users

Our inner and nearby outer campus area is covered by high quality WiFi signal in 2,4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously.

Network identifier (SSID) is eduroam. Authorization runs on 802.1x protocol against RADIUS server.

For successful network connection valid user name and password knowledge is necessary. These credentials are provided by user home institution.

You can find a user manual for connection and device setup following the link below. There is also some more information there about a few technical limitations relevant for several devices or operating systems.

Once the users connect for the first time, save their credentials and accept security certificate, they will be connected automatically next time.